New Member Alert: Cavaion Baumann

Cavaion Baumann

The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome Cavaion Baumann as an associate member!

As the exclusive U.S. distributor of Baumann sideloaders, Cavaion Baumann USA stands as a trusted partner for timber industry operators. With more than 25 years of experience, they offer innovative handling solutions coupled with comprehensive after-sales support. Their extensive parts department ensures swift deliveries nationwide, complemented by a 24/7 support team capable of dispatching skilled technicians anywhere in the country.

Sideloaders, initially conceived for the timber and lumber sector, have emerged as the cornerstone of efficient material handling in sawmills and forestry environments. Cavaion Baumann’s sideloaders have garnered widespread acclaim for their ability to navigate challenging terrains and maneuver heavy loads with unparalleled safety and precision.

The unique design of Baumann sideloaders underscores their suitability for the timber industry’s demanding requirements. Engineered to excel in lifting non-horizontal loads over uneven surfaces, Cavaion Baumann’s Sideloaders offer operators enhanced visibility in maneuvering safely amidst bulky materials and tight outdoor spaces.

Cavaion Baumann’s commitment to technological excellence is exemplified by its innovative Variable Reach System (VRS), a game-changing advancement in sideloader design. The VRS ensures smoother control and synchronized outreach, facilitating precise handling of lengthy and weighty loads. Their patented Archimedes outreach system uses direct drive technology to extend fork carriages, minimizing transverse movements and operational stresses while optimizing working speeds.

Furthermore, Cavaion Baumann’s incorporation of electric sideloaders underscores a shift toward sustainability. As environmental stewardship becomes paramount, the adoption of electric sideloaders, such as the Baumann EGX 80, offers timber businesses a greener, zero-emission alternative. The EGX 80 boasts battery longevity and performance, with efficient battery placement for swift replacements, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

The advantages of Baumann electric sideloaders extend beyond environmental benefits. They prove more cost-effective to operate and maintain while prioritizing operator safety and comfort. Additionally, their quiet operation minimizes noise pollution – a critical consideration in outdoor work environments. Learn more at

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