About SFPA

Advancing the

Southern Pine Lumber Industry since 1915

We're stronger together.

The original Southern Pine Association was founded on this mantra in 1915, and it remains the core mission of the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) today.

SFPA represents Southern Pine products and services around the globe, managing a comprehensive product promotion program. Our mission is to advance the Southern Pine lumber industry, promote the use of member products in domestic and international markets, and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas.

As a collective industry association, we pool our resources to:

SFPA members are visionary industry leaders who understand the power of community. Connections built through SFPA activities drive significant growth for the entire Southern Pine lumber industry from start to finish:

Finally, and importantly, SFPA members understand the power of operating as a collective to offer a broad range of programs and networking opportunities.

If your company produces Southern Pine products or provides products and services to manufacturers of Southern Pine products, consider joining our ranks.



SFPA member companies are engaged in or affiliated with the manufacture, treatment, lamination, sale or distribution of Southern Pine lumber and processed lumber products. You can browse our members here: