New Member Alert: SiCam Systems

SiCam Systems

The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome SiCam Systems as an associate member!

For more than 30 years, SiCam Systems has been developing industry-leading size and quality control technologies for the wood products industry.

From manually measuring wood using SiCam LSIZE through to RealTime inspection of logs, cants, or boards throughout a sawmill or planer, SiCam has systems to improve the quality control program in your mill. As log costs increase and the sales price of lumber decreases, it is essential to get more value from your current production.

This is where SiCam can help add value to your operation. SiCam LSIZE is the benchmark tool for any quality control program in the wood products industry. This system allows users to measure their products manually, see what their sizes look like, and provide trending information and detailed reporting on how a mill is performing over time.

SiCam RealTime takes measuring production to a whole new level by accurately inspecting pieces during production using the company’s purpose-built scanning systems and industry-leading software. Once the information is collected, SiCam RealTime can trend, alarm, report on production, and send alerts in real time when issues occur.

SiCam’s Closed Loop Size Control technology enhances what is possible with its RealTime systems. Now operating in more than 60 mills and on more than 120 machine centers, its Closed Loop Size Control makes small, controlled adjustments to a line as required to ensure a mill is cutting on size and reducing variation in the quality of your product. The role of today’s quality control professional in a mill is becoming more demanding, and the Closed Loop system is a perfect tool to help them perform their job better and allow a mill to reduce variation and produce a higher-value product.

SiCam’s ability to help reduce variation, cut closer to target, help achieve target size reductions, or identify machine problems when or before they occur is what sets them and their technology apart.

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