Grade Marks & Quality Marks

The Southern Pine

Mark of Excellence

To protect the buyer and consumer, the industry has developed a system requiring ink-stamped grade marks on each piece of lumber under adequate quality control measures. This assures delivery of the grade specified for its intended use. Lumber grading and marking is monitored and inspected by agencies accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC). Valid agency grade marks on Southern Pine lumber indicate the product meets structural and appearance requirements established for that grade.

In addition, all treated Southern Pine should be identified with an inspection agency quality mark (either plastic end tag or ink stamp) conforming to building code standards. For the quality and grade marks to be valid after treatment, the lumber must adhere to the grade requirements and the moisture content of the grade represented by the mark.

These grade marks are intended to assist in specifying the most economical and efficient use of Southern Pine lumber products. They should also help minimize misunderstandings between specifier and supplier.

Product availability and economy varies by market area, so becoming familiar with the products available in your area will allow you to more easily obtain materials to satisfy your demands. 

Specify Quality

It is recommended that the buyer specify pressure-treated wood bearing ink-stamped quality marks and/or plastic end tags denoting the material was produced under supervision of an independent inspection agency accredited by the ALSC.

Use of such grade marks by the producer provides assurance that the preservative retention and penetration complies with AWPA and/or Building Code specifications, and that the preservative used is EPA-approved and treated in compliance with federal law. Use of treated wood that does not bear an approved agency quality mark will not meet requirements of the International Code Council (ICC).

grade marks
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grade marks
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