What’s the Story With Q1 2024 Southern Pine Exports?

Q1 2024 Southern Pine lumber exports

Q1 2024 Southern Pine lumber exports (treated and untreated) were trending up 17% over the first quarter of 2023, according to March data from the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Services’ Global Agricultural Trade System. Southern Pine lumber exports were also 11.2% in March over February and up 20.2% over 2023.

Softwood imports, which were up 1.9% in the same quarter in 2024 over the same period in 2023, were up 8.2% over February and up 4.9% YTD over 2023.

Our international consultants weighed in with the following thoughts on the March 2024 Southern Pine exports. Here are their other key takeaways among countries reporting more than 1 Mbf of imports through the first quarter of 2024:

  • Mexico remains the largest export market (by volume) of Southern Pine and treated lumber, up 26% over 2023 for the first quarter of the year with 34.1 Mbf of imports.
    • The Dominican Republic, the No. 2 importer of Southern Pine, is running 52% ahead of the same period last year with 27.2 Mbf.
  • India’s total of SYP imports continues to trend upward, running 32% ahead of the first three months of 2023 at 8.8 Mbf. India’s imports are almost evenly split between dressed and rough Southern Pine lumber.
  • Exports to China, are down 55% YTD compared to 2023 with 4.1 Mbf of Southern Pine lumber imports.
  • The following countries in the Caribbean and Central American region have imported more than 1 Mbf through the first quarter of 2024, outside of Mexico and the Dominican Republic mentioned above:
    • The Cayman Islands: up 95% over the first quarter of 2023 to 1.8 Mbf.
    • Barbados: up 38% for the year at 2.6 Mbf.
    • The Leeward-Windward Islands: up 4% YTD with 8 Mbf.
    • Haiti: flat at 1.3 Mbf.
    • Trinidad and Tobago: down 18% with 2.7 Mbf.
    • Belize: down 2% YTD with 5 Mbf.
    • Jamaica: down 14% with 12.5 Mbf.
    • The Bahamas: down 15% with 5.1 Mbf


When looking at countries that have imported more than 1 Mbf so far in 2024, here is what our consultants found:

Trending up:

  • Pakistan: continues to rise, up 554% over the year to 4 Mbf, mostly supported by 2.3 Mbf of treated lumber imports.
  • Colombia: up 134% over the year with 1.9 Mbf.
  • Canada: trending higher at 64% over 2023 with 7.3 Mbf so far this year.
  • Taiwan: The island nation joined the Mbf club with 1.6 Mbf YTD, up 34% over the first quarter of 2023.
  • Egypt: The African country also surpassed 1Mbf in March, up to 1.2 Mbf for the year and 2% ahead of the same time a year ago.


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*Note: data are expressed in Million Board Feet (Mbf) unless otherwise indicated.