Decks and Porches

Southern Pine

Decks and Porches

More than 1 million decks are built or upgraded in the United States each year. Homeowners also are rediscovering the charm and energy-saving practicality of porches. Beauty, added value, and comfort are just a few reasons why Southern Pine decks and porches are so popular. These “outdoor rooms” extend the living space of the home for open-air entertainment and relaxation.

SFPA offers building professionals and do-it-yourselfers a host of construction details and installation tips to create safe, code-compliant Southern Pine decks and porches that maximize homeowner satisfaction. Because of its wide use in outdoor applications, special guidance is provided for pressure-treated Southern Pine structural lumber and decking boards.

Preparing for Your Southern Pine Deck

What is your intended use for your new deck? Does it need to be large enough to accommodate benches, lounge chairs, a table for outdoor dining, or a grill? How many people will use the deck at any given time? These are elements that must be considered when planning for proper size and design.

Southern Pine Deck Framing Lumber

One of the most important roles of framing lumber for Southern Pine decks is its use as a supporting structure. Beams, bracing, and joists work together to provide a solid, stable deck platform that safely supports vertical loads and resists lateral (side-to-side) forces.

Building a Southern Pine Deck

Whether you are a contractor or do-it-yourselfer, the safety, appearance, and long-term performance of a deck depends on the proper installation of footings and posts, decking and stairs, and guardrails.

Connections and Decking Fastener Guides

When constructing a Southern Pine deck, the significance of connections and fasteners cannot be overstated. These connections, when appropriately designed and installed, ensure a deck’s safety, stability, and long-term durability.

Finishing, Maintenance, and Inspection

You’ve built the perfect deck, and now you want to maintain it for years of use. Great! Unfortunately, the wood and finishes used for decks and porches are exposed to weather, which can be severe in some areas.

Southern Pine Decks: Real Wood vs. Composite Materials

While some homeowners and builders opt for composite materials, pressure-treated Southern Pine is still the most popular decking choice for a variety of reasons.

Building a Southern Pine Porch

An icon of American architecture, the Southern Pine porch has withstood the test of time, adding outdoor comfort, distinction, and value to a home.

Check out our Southern Pine Decks and Porches publication, a comprehensive guide to deck and porch specification and construction using pressure-treated Southern Pine, to learn more about proper planning, building, finishing, and maintenance.