Finish Applications

Southern Pine Lumber

for Finish Applications

Southern Pine lumber’s attractive grain, along with its color and other physical properties, make it a preferred material for finish applications, such as siding, ceilings, paneling, and flooring.

One of the inherent advantages to using Southern Pine for finish applications is its superior ability to accept a variety of finishes.

Many homeowners apply a clear polyurethane finish to all exposed surfaces to accent the distinctive grain of Southern Pine in ceilings and paneling. These clear finishes are generally available in matte/satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss. Southern Pine also readily accepts solid or semitransparent stains.

When it comes to siding, Southern Pine’s unique cellular structure allows for stains and paint to deeply penetrate the lumber to highlight the grain and protect the wood. The same goes for Southern Pine flooring, where stains are more easily absorbed to provide both a protective and decorative surface, adding warmth and charm.


Three classifications of Southern Pine siding are widely available: 

Southern Pine siding must be seasoned to a specific moisture content in accordance with Southern Pine Inspection Bureau Grading Rules. When siding is adequately seasoned and kept dry before installation and finishing, it will remain securely in place and is less likely to shrink or open at the joints.

Fun fact: Southern Pine siding installed horizontally or at an angle makes the structure appear lower and longer.

Ceiling and Paneling

The Southern Pine double-beaded pattern is classic for interior ceiling and wainscoting applications.

Paneling is commonly used for interior and exterior drop applications and is noted for its high-quality appearance. Both ceiling and paneling are produced in a variety of grades:

A superior choice for interior flooring, Southern Pine is highly resistant to normal wear and possesses a unique warm and rich color that enhances any room.

Vertical or edge-grain flooring features a consistent, pinstripe grain with few knots, creating an almost formal appearance.

With a harder wearing surface than flat-grain material, vertical or edge-grain flooring may be desirable in high-traffic applications.

Flat-grain flooring highlights the wood’s unique colors, grain pattern, and growth characteristics, offering rich and exceptional character exclusive only to Southern Pine.
Typically, flat-grain flooring is more widely available than vertical-grain material.

Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished Southern Pine flooring offers the convenience of a flooring surface choice with a built-in finish, expediting project completion. Various widths, grades, and finishes are manufactured, with limited availability.

Stair Treads

Southern Pine 5/4 x 12″ bull-nosed stair treads provide a sturdy, durable, and attractive stepping surface. Stair treads may be finished in the same manner as flooring.

Porch Flooring

Southern Pine, combined with the latest advances in wood preservation, is a superior choice for porch flooring. With its built-in resistance to decay and termites, pressure-treated Southern Pine porch flooring will provide decades of satisfying service when properly installed.