What’s the Story With August 2023 Southern Pine Exports?

August 2023 Southern Pine exports

August 2023 Southern Pine lumber exports (treated and untreated) were down 14.3% in August over July and about 13% lower compared to the same month in 2022. Total softwood imports, meanwhile, remained relatively unchanged from the previous month, and down 18.1% over the year.??

Year-to-date exports of Southern Pine and treated lumber through August, meanwhile, are running 4% ahead of the same period in 2022.?

August 2023 Southern Pine Exports notes of interest

Our international consultants weighed in with the following thoughts on the August 2023 Southern Pine exports. Here are their key takeaways:?

  • Exports to China continues to follow a cooling trend that started in June after a strong start to 2023. Southern Pine and treated lumber exports, however, are still up considerably compared to the same period in 2022, running 148% ahead of last year.??
  • Mexico retained its status as the largest export market (by volume) of Southern Pine and treated lumber for the sixth month after taking over the Dominican Republic. Mexico is running 15% ahead of 2022 YTD as of August and has imported 75 Mbf in Southern Pine so far this year compared to the Dominican Republic’s 56.7 Mbf.?
  • The Dominican Republic remains the No. 2 importer of Southern Pine, running 29% ahead YTD over 2022.
  • India’s total of SYP imports continues to outpace 2022’s YTD exports through August, up 363% YTD at 19.7 Mbf.??
  • With the exception of Belize, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico, (see below for country totals), exports to the Caribbean and Central American region continued to trend downward through August compared to same period in 2022.??

Trending up:

  • Jamaica: The Caribbean island continues to run 41% ahead of 2022 with 36.2 Mbf so far this year.
  • Belize: Cooling a little over the month but still up 72% over the year from 5 Mbf to 6 Mbf. Belize broke its streak of importing 700 mbf every month with its August report.?
  • Micronesia: Cooling a little over the month but still up 57% from 6 Mbf to 2.5 Mbf.??
  • Taiwan: Despite a drop off in August, the Asian island is still up 57% over the year.
  • Australia: While not large, the land down under joined the Mbf club in August with 03 Mbf YTD.

Trending down:

  • Philippines: Down 83% YTD, from 3 Mbf to 2 Mbf so far in 2023.??
  • Pakistan: Down 60% from 1 Mbf to 3.6 Mbf.?
  • Italy: Down 59% YTD from 3.1 Mbf to 1.3 Mbf.
  • Egypt: Down 46% over the year with 1.8 Mbf compared to 3.4 Mbf in 2022.
  • Canada: Seeing a slight uptick, but still down 42% from 7 Mbf to 14.2 Mbf.?
  • Haiti: Trending further down at 50% over the year, from 4 Mbf to 5.7 Mbf.?
  • Netherlands: Down 35% from 7.3 Mbf to 4.8 Mbf in 2023.?

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*Note: data are expressed in Million Board Feet (Mbf) unless otherwise indicated.?