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Woodland Parts & Service

The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome Woodland Parts & Service Inc. as an associate member!

Woodland Parts & Service was founded in 1983 by Leslie Crawford and Jimmy Wilcox to provide quality products and services to the wood and textile industries at competitive rates. The company has adapted to the change of markets over the years, becoming focused solely on lumber, plywood, and chip mills.

But their goal remains unchanged. Woodland Parts & Service is still a family owned and operated business located in Talladega, Alabama, that holds honesty and integrity as the most important part of its DNA.

Woodland offers a range of products and services in four main categories:

  • Debarkers: Parts for Cambio, Nicholson, and Comact debarkers to include rotor bearings, feed rolls, tool arms, and tips. New, rebuilt, or used machinery is also available.
  • Chippers: Woodland Parts & Service stocks parts for most stationary disc chippers including, Precision, Morbark, Fulghum, Soderhamn, PHL/ Comact, Progress, Stringer, and Forano. Rebuild spout, disc, or complete chipper exchanges are available along with “in the field” service for repairs or maintenance. CATCH-A-WRECK safety packages also are available for most chippers. Woodland Parts & Service provides rebuilt, used, or new chipper options, and they remain among the leading chipper dealers for Precision Husky.
  • Dry Kilns: Kiln wheels, axles, and bushings are stocked in large quantities at the Woodland facility to ship orders out quickly. We stock 8-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch wheels in both solid steel and ductile iron casting. The company provides kiln cart and weight plate fabrication to your specifications. Woodland Parts & Service also offers other replacement parts such as kiln rail, doors, wall or roof panels, SmithCo fans, and motors to keep kilns in operation.
  • Filing Room: Woodland Parts & Service is an industry leader in repairing aluminum sawguides. This is a cost-effective service that saves consumers when holes become worn or a saw damages the guide. Woodland Parts & Service also provides customers with Babbitt and ported or non-ported guide screws in brass, steel, or stainless-steel variety, in addition to new, high tolerance saw or edger guides at competitive rates.

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