Microtec Acquires Lucidyne

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Microtec has acquired Lucidyne Technologies, Inc., a move that creates the largest wood products scanning company in the world. Microtec is currently the premier scanning company across Europe and has been delivering technologically advanced scanning and optimization systems for 40 years, while Lucidyne has been the industry leader in scanning and optimization throughout North America since 1985. In addition to bringing together the two most advanced technologies and technology teams, the acquisition expands both companies’ product lines, and geographical reach.

The acquisition provides significant opportunities for the wood products industry. Each companies’ product offerings will enhance one another, and together there will be an opportunity for mill-wide integrated scanning. In addition, Microtec and Lucidyne will be introducing co-developed products that bring the best of the companies’ technologies together.

Despite the acquisition, many aspects of the companies’ operations will remain the same. Microtec’s headquarters will remain in Bressanone, Italy, while Lucidyne’s will remain in Corvallis, Oregon. There are also no planned changes to staffing, support, plant operations, or customer interaction.

Both Microtec and Lucidyne are looking forward to working together, delivering quality results to the industry while maintaining the highest standard of customer support.