Taylor to Integrate Cummins Hydrogen Engines Into Products

Hydrogen Engines

Cummins Inc. and Taylor Machine Works Inc., a leading American manufacturer of heavy industrial lift equipment, have signed a letter of intent with plans to integrate the Cummins 6.7-liter and 15-liter hydrogen engines into Taylor’s product line.

This collaboration will help achieve the decarbonization goals of industrial steel, wood products, concrete, oil and gas, and port operations markets.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Cummins to integrate hydrogen internal combustion engines into Taylor products,” said Mat Hillyer, Taylor’s director of engineering. “This partnership signifies our commitment to a sustainable future, enabling us to offer reliable, cost-effective, zero-carbon solutions for heavy industrial lift equipment, reducing carbon emissions without compromising productivity.”

Hydrogen combustion engines will create a zero-carbon fueled solution that provides cost-effective equipment for high-load factor, high-utilization applications. Key benefits of using this technology include enabling a more-timely solution to reduce carbon emissions without sacrificing productivity.

“Beyond Clean Lifting,” Taylor’s commitment to the sustainable future, highlights the company’s efforts to develop low and zero-carbon solutions across its entire product line. This effort includes battery electric trucks, hydrogen fuel cell trucks, and now hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2ICE).

Adding H2ICE to the mix of zero carbon solutions will also reduce the load required from already-stressed utility grids. Finally, commonalities with traditional internal combustion equipment will provide solutions that are dependable and easy to service and maintain.

Taylor Machine Works, an associate member of the Southern Forest Products Association, has been committed to meeting the material handling needs of its global industrial customer base for 96 years, while focusing on its own generational workforce and surrounding communities. Cummins engines power a large portion of more than 100 different models of Taylor lift trucks for the heavy lift industry.

Hydrogen Engines