Softwood Lumber Board Approves Proposed Assessment Rate Increase

In August, the SLB Board of Directors approved a $0.06/thousand board feet assessment increase, to $0.41/thousand. This increase will allow the SLB to continue to build upon the successes of the U.S. softwood lumber industry and take steps to further protect the market share their actions have gained so far. SLB activities promote market growth for softwood lumber products used in single and multifamily dwellings, as well as commercial construction. Through checkoff funding overseen by the USDA, the SLB is able to:

  • Reach, educate, and influence industry leaders and professionals
  • Increase the demand for softwood in residential, commercial, and industrial construction
  • Provide valuable continuing education opportunities for architects, engineers, contractors, and developers
  • Support more than 775,000 direct and indirect jobs in harvesting and manufacturing

More information on the proposed rate increase is available on the SLB website: