SFPA Passes USDA FAS Audit With No Issues


The SFPA worked with the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service?s (FAS) Compliance and Security Division (CSD) from June 21-28, 2022, on a financial and administrative compliance review of the association’s participation in the Market Access (MAP), Foreign Market Development (FMD), Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP), and Emerging Markets (EMP) programs.

The purpose of the review was to evaluate all aspects of the award administration, including SFPA’s financial and administrative compliance with program agreements and amendments, approval letters, program regulations, and program notices; identify conditions that enabled noncompliance, and provide recommendations for corrective action and future improvements.

SFPA is proud to report the CSD specialists who conducted the review found the association is operating its financial and administrative activities in compliance with MAP, FMD, EMP, and ATP regulations and the terms and conditions of the program agreements. They separately noted SFPA demonstrated solid internal controls by constant, effective monitoring of all phases of activities and by ensuring non-compliance expenses were denied.