New Member Alert: Peak North America

Peak North America

The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome Peak North America (PNA) as an associate member!

Rooted in the forest industry, PNA is a group of companies specializing in construction and equipment manufacturing solutions.

Peak North America’s mission is to create innovative, vertically integrated solutions to meet and exceed client needs. Starting with a strong foundation in the forestry sector, PNA continues to expand business offerings and lead innovation across sectors. 

From the initial client meeting to turnkey solutions, the PNA team focuses on providing excellence through deep expertise. PNA is committed to the industry, sustainability and safety, and engagement with the communities they serve. 

Peak North America provides the following services for industrial projects throughout North America, and especially the lumber manufacturing sector:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering and plant design
  • Machinery design and manufacturing
  • General fabrication
  • Construction
  • Plant commissioning and ramp-up

As of today, the PNA family of companies includes but is not limited to:

  • Peak North America Construction, which specializes in multi-faceted construction services including design, project management, engineering, foundation, and mechanical installation.  With a focus on industrial, independent, and corporate sectors, Peak North America Construction strives to build relationships and collaborate with clients to provide efficient, high-quality construction services that meet unique needs.
  • Peak North America Manufacturing (PNAM) is a fabrication facility specializing in building and assembling equipment and structural steel for industrial applications. PNAM is undergoing a major facility expansion to meet growing client needs.
  • Real Performance Machinery produces high-quality, technologically advanced log breakdown equipment.
  • Endurance Equipment is a leading provider of woodyard technology and equipment for sawmills, OSB facilities, biomass woodyards and pulp/paper mills. Their strength lies in custom engineering equipment and processing systems to meet client’s specific needs, setting high standards for competition through strong engineering and innovation.
  • Heartland Steel Structures is a full-service pre-engineered building supplier and installer providing high-quality industrial and commercial solutions for more than 30 years for all sizes of buildings.
  • Advanced Sawmill Machinery (ASM) is a customer-driven fabrication and machine shop providing reliable, durable quality machines that keep sawmills running. ASM refurbishes used equipment, retrofits machines with new technology, and/or builds custom equipment to solve specific problems. 
  • Peak North America Energy is a full-service provider of lumber drying solutions, fiber handling, and drying and energy systems.


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