New Member Alert: Opticom Technologies

Opticom Technologies
The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome Opticom Technologies as an associate member! For more than 50 years, Opticom Technologies has provided integrated video monitoring solutions for sawmills and other forestry-related facilities.  Built to withstand harsh environments, Opticom’s rugged cameras and video equipment stand the test of time. Its rugged products can handle dust, vibration, moisture, and other elements not generally accommodating to video equipment. They can even take a direct hit by a log and still continue working.  Thanks to their rugged design, specially engineered to protect sensitive electrical components, Opticom cameras can last years inside a sawmill. They can even be mounted on a log debarker and continuously exposed to high levels of vibration and perform well for years.  Mills that switch to Opticom equipment replace their cameras much less frequently and continue running production without worrying that the video feed will be up and working.  Learn more at

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