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Nelson Bros

The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome Nelson Bros as an associate member!

Nelson Bros has served the forest products industry since 1992. Their optimizer and scanning solution track record speaks for itself. Simple is Smart. Simple is a quick startup. Simple is easy to use. Simple is a reliable system. Simple is an affordable and transparent price.

Nelson Bros optimizer systems support primary and secondary breakdown operations. Their tools provide full system control, detailed visibility, and comprehensive insight into mill operations.

  • Primary Breakdown Optimizers: Carriages, end-doggers, chip-n-saws, sharp chains, double length infeeds, small log processors, name the bucking or breakdown system, they’ve done it.
  • Secondary Breakdown Optimizers: Trimmers, gang edgers, and board edgers. Their secondary breakdown optimizers maximize recovery and support a full range of dimension and specialty product needs.

Downtime is expensive. Your investment in an optimizer system should pay dividends as soon as possible. Nelson Bros scanner/optimizer/controls upgrades are often completed in a single weekend. 

A mill usually sees improvement in overall recovery during the first week. For new equipment, startups are more involved, but Nelson Bros always keeps it simple. Their new equipment startups include:

  • An experienced startup team
  • A shop test or an off-line startup
  • A simple and smart system


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