New Member Alert: Greenfield


The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome Greenfield as an associate member!

Greenfield LLC is an asset-based company that procures, transloads, and exports forest products from North and South America.

The company is dedicated to securing and managing long-term softwood forest resources for export to global markets, demonstrating Greenfield’s commitment to sustainable practices. Their services include export logistics, export sales and marketing, and export documentation and trade services.

They operate wood yards throughout the Southeastern United States from where they ship Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) logs and lumber with global offices in Uruguay, China, India, and Vietnam.

Greenfield’s global presence and a rigorous approach to sales and marketing enables them to spread risk over multiple markets and between wholesalers and end users. With their combined volume of forest products exported each year, Greenfield is also flexible enough to respond to prices and demand.

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