Innovative Uses for Southern Pine

A new report details several Chinese projects that display innovative uses for Southern Pine lumber. Featured SYP projects include timber bridges, the Luhu Resort Hotel, and the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre.

In 2019, 13 timber bridges in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province were renovated using imported SYP lumber supplied by SFPA Manufacturer Member, Interfor. The stressed laminated timber decks were pressure-treated locally. By harnessing the superior strength and treatability of SYP lumber, these renovated bridges will support vehicle traffic and withstand a variety of environmental stressors for years to come.

Southern Pine products supplied by SFPA Associate Member, KM Lumber are on full display in the Luhu Resort Hotel and the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre. The Luhu Resort Hotel, completed in 2019, makes extensive use of SYP decking to give open-air walkways throughout the resort a natural touch. The design concept was based upon the local adobe house.

Featuring a theater hall fully-cladded with SYP plywood, the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre is nothing short of show-stopping. Designed by architect Tadao Ando and completed in 2014, the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre is in the rapidly developing Jiading District. The theatre hosts operas, concerts, and plays, and was one of the first cultural constructions this scale in the area. This high-profile project set a massive stage, and Southern Pine stole the show. More than just eye-catching, Ando’s extensive use of SYP is also functional. The design and the woodwork together provide a hall that is acoustically tuned to provide the audience with an optimal concert experience.

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