Heard in the Lumber Yard: Sustainability

Heard in the Lumber Yard: Sustainability

Our newest feature – Heard in the Lumber Yard – puts SFPA members’ expertise and insight forefront! Each month, SFPA will ask all members in one of our six membership categories the same open-ended question related to their line of business. SFPA will then compile – and share – the responses! 

Our first question went to SFPA’s lumber manufacturer members

When it comes to sustainability in the Southern Pine lumber industry, what’s the one message you want people to take away?

Sustainability means perpetuating viable markets, healthy communities, strong stakeholder relationships, stable timber supply, clean water, quality wildlife habitat, clean air, and good jobs. We are convinced sustainable Southern Pine lumber production provides solutions to many societal challenges.

As concerns about climate mitigation continue, wood products provide low embodied carbon materials for the built environment. Greater demand for Southern Pine lumber products will only increase the sector’s capacity to provide solutions. Strong markets for lumber keep responsibly managed forests intact so they can continue to provide these societal and environmental values of the sustainable forestry cycle. We are proud to be an important part of this sustainability story.      

Westervelt Lumber has sustained a thriving southern yellow pine lumber business, providing a variety of quality wood products, for nearly 50 of The Westervelt Company’s 140-year history. We have been able to do this by insisting excellence in our forest management and fiber sourcing practices. For us, sustainability is a core principle. We consider ourselves a sustainability company. While sustainability certainly includes sound environmental practices, it is also a foundational culture and just the way we do business.

Jonathan Lowery

Vice President – Sustainability and Government Relations

The Westervelt Company

At Weyerhaeuser, we are driven by the belief that forests are the most sustainable and versatile resource on Earth. Forests not only provide a sustainable supply of wood; they also support biodiversity, clean our air and water, provide access to nature, provide great careers, and support local economies.

Southern Pine forests grow on a variety of landscapes, all which benefit from long growing seasons and a mild climate, making them highly productive. As we work to maximize wood production, we carefully follow sustainable forest management practices that ensure the protection of environmental quality and conservation of water, soil, and wildlife resources.

All of our mills are certified to the SFI® Fiber Sourcing or Certified Sourcing standards, which ensures all the wood in our products is from responsible sources. We provide our suppliers with sustainable forestry information, require the use of best management practices (BMPs) to protect water quality and that loggers are trained in sustainable forestry practices. We also monitor our wood supply area for BMP implementation and support logger training and landowner education programs.

This ensures our southern forests continue to provide a steady supply of wood while supporting biodiversity and contributing to our local economies.

Tim Regala

Sales Enablement Manager