Charles Trevor Weighs in on Wood Trends

Charles Trevor, SFPA’s European consultant, was recently interviewed by Madera Sostenible, a Digital newspaper for the Spanish wood and furniture industry. Trevor weighed in on the busy tradeshow season, the current state of American softwoods, and why wood construction continues to grow worldwide.

“It was a pleasure to be invited to collaborate with the publication: Maderas Comerciales,” said Trevor. “Without a doubt, it contributes significantly to facilitating the specification and use of wood and therefore to promoting the correct use and proper installation of wood products in architecture and construction projects.”

Trevor also provided insight on wood construction’s continued growth throughout the world. Developers, builders and governments realize that wood is the only truly sustainable building material. With enough compelling information at their fingertips, people understand the environmental benefits of building with wood. Specifiers, builders and consumers alike increasingly trust that wood can perform as well as competing materials, with the added benefit of its environmental credentials.