BID Group Introduces AI-powered Smart Vision for Wood Processing

AI-powered Smart Vision

BID Group, an associate member with the Southern Forest Products Association, is expanding its digital offering with its new AI-Powered Smart Vision.

The system can be deployed at all stages of the process and uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze images from the cameras that constantly watch production and identify objects of interest, increasing productivity.

  • BID’s AI-powered Smart Vision will better serve its customers by providing the following benefits and technologies to sawmill and planer mill operations:
  • Identification of production anomalies that normally require mechanical and/or human intervention
  • Reduction of major production stoppages and equipment breakdowns
  • Alerts when a problem occurs so that action can be taken automatically or manually
  • Continuous management and monitoring of one or more stages of the wood transformation process
  • Ongoing measurement of quality control and optimization of equipment maintenance

“We are proud of our team and the hard work that was put into our new Smart Vision, a technology that will allow our customers to easily optimize their production flow and get the most out of their mill. Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of our industry and BID is leading the revolution by relentlessly pushing the limits” said Simon Potvin, President of Wood Processing.

BID’s Smart Vision is only the beginning; the company plans to develop a series of applications, in addition to the ones just launched.