2023 SFPA Value Report: Driving Value for the Southern Pine Lumber Community

2023 SFPA Value Report

If there’s any question about the commitment of our membership determining the success of the Southern Forest Products Association, the 2023 SFPA Value Report has answers about how their loyalty, leadership, and support helps drive value for the Southern Pine lumber community.

We believe partnerships are key to remaining strong and moving forward. We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the important role partnerships played in our success and growth in 2023, which starts with our primary partnership: our members.

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SFPA members are visionary industry leaders who understand the power of community. Connections built through SFPA activities drive significant growth for the entire Southern Pine lumber industry from start to finish:

  • SFPA sawmill members are experts in the superior production of quality Southern Pine lumber.
  • SFPA lumber exporters, dealers, and distributors tap into and leverage our global network of industry representatives to support international trade.
  • SFPA machinery and equipment manufacturers deliver mechanical efficiencies to create value throughout the entire Southern Pine lumber community.
  • SFPA pressure-treated lumber or wood preservers ensure pressure-treated Southern Pine lumber products remain the go-to building resource domestically and around the world.
  • SFPA remanufacturing, truss, and components producers offer the specialty Southern Pine products so many end users need.
  • SFPA service providers (insurance, finance, association, technology, etc.) provide specialized niche skills and assistance that support all facets of the Southern Pine lumber production, delivery, and construction process.

SFPA’s effort to communicate the benefits and sustainability of Southern Pine products, with your assistance, is just one example of what happens when multiple groups work together to succeed. This is why we always say We’re Stronger Together.

As we move into a promising 2024, we anticipate even more positive results. We firmly believe with our members continued support, participation, and feedback, we can make a lasting difference in the Southern Pine lumber industry.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our members for their contributions and dedication to an even stronger future. SFPA is confident the Southern Pine lumber industry will reach new levels of success in 2024.

Eric Gee
Executive Director


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