Building Tips

When building an outdoor project with pressure-treated Southern Pine, follow these helpful hints:

Before building any outdoor structure, consult local building code requirements for permits, setbacks, or other restrictions.

Safety first! The use of standard safety equipment reflects good industrial common sense when working with all types of building materials. Eye protection, dust mask, and gloves should all be used when sawing or machining any type of building material, including wood products, treated or untreated. Practicing good personal hygiene at the completion of any construction project also applies.

For a nicer appearance, avoid the use of short lumber lengths on deck and seating surfaces in order to reduce the number of visible joints.

Use hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel fasteners and hardware for all connections. Click here for more details on fastener and connector use in treated wood.

When nailing toward the ends of lumber pieces, blunt the nail points, or predrill the holes to avoid splitting.

When construction is complete, apply a water-repellent sealer to all exposed wood surfaces.
Additional details on sealers and finishes for treated wood can be found here.

Dispose of pressure-treated scraps properly, through normal trash collection or by burial. Do NOT burn pressure-treated wood! Click here for additional information on proper handling and storage of pressure-treated wood.

VIDEO – How to Build a Fence