permanent wood foundations under construction

The Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) is an innovative building system that saves builders time and creates comfortable living areas that enhance a home’s value. A PWF system consists of load-bearing wall systems framed with pressure-treated lumber and sheathed with pressure-treated plywood. PWFs are suitable for crawlspace, split-entry or full-basement designs.

Builders and homeowners choose the PWF system for many good reasons, including design flexibility, faster construction, and larger, more comfortable living space. Discover all the advantages of the PWF system. Refer to the PWF Design & Construction Guide (download in Publications).

Two video programs provide more information about PWF construction:
  Permanent Wood Foundations: Comfortable Living
  The PWF: Nothing Complicated; Nothing Complex

For more information about PWF structural design requirements (primarily for engineers or building officials) from the American Wood Council, click here.