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Martinsville, Virginia 24115
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Jim Dudley

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Fortress Wood has become a dominant force in the wood treating and distribution market, providing quality pressure treated lumber and board stock for commercial and residential building applications. QUALITY --- While quality can be measured in terms of products; people and quality of service are often intangible. At Fortress, we don’t expect our customers to take the concept of TOTAL quality commitment for granted. Ours is evident from the manufacturing process, to the finished products we sell, and in the way we respond to the needs of our customers. Providing the highest quality products is a key element that defines Fortress in the marketplace. Fortress sets the standard, offering a full range of pressure treated wood products and preservative technologies required in today’s marketplace. PEOPLE --- You can count on the friendly and experienced people at Fortress Wood to provide you with courteous and knowledgeable service, week in and week out. SERVICES --- With production facilities in High Point, Henderson, and Elizabeth City, NC, Fortress Wood can provide timely and consistent shipping and delivery for all of your treated wood product needs.

Products carried

Ceiling, Paneling & Partition

  • Paneling 2x V-JointIn stock
  • Paneling, 1xIn stock
  • Paneling, 1x CMSpecial order
  • Paneling, 1x4 Dbl BeadedSpecial order

Certified Wood Products

  • ATFS - American Tree Farm SystemSpecial order

Decking, Roofing, Shiplap

  • 2x6 CM EV1S (T&G V-Joint)In stock
  • 3x6 SM EV1S (offset T&G, V-Joint)Special order
  • Decking, Select GradeSpecial order
  • Shiplap, 2inch (Heavy)Special order


  • Export DimensionSpecial order
  • Finish & BoardsSpecial order
  • No.2 Rough TimbersSpecial order

Finish, Moulding, Shop

  • Banding GrooveSpecial order
  • Custom Kiln DryingSpecial order
  • Finish 5/4In stock

Furniture Products

  • Banding GrooveSpecial order

Glulam, Commercial

  • Bridge TimbersSpecial order
  • Preservative TreatmentIn stock

Glulam, Other Products

  • Board Paneling & SidingIn stock
  • Marine Launch TimbersSpecial order
  • PilingsIn stock
  • Rim Board/Rim JoistIn stock
  • Rough Textured SurfacesIn stock

Glulam, Residential

  • Stair Treads & StringersIn stock

Lumber, Framing

  • Dimension Lumber (2x2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12)In stock
  • Dimension Lumber, DenseSpecial order
  • Dimension Lumber, Heavy (3x8, 10 & 12)Special order
  • Dimension Lumber, Heavy (4x8, 10 & 12)Special order
  • Dimension Lumber, Heavy Stud (3x4)Special order
  • Dimension Lumber, Long Lengths (16 - 20')In stock
  • Dimension Lumber, Long Lengths (22 - 24' +)Special order
  • Dimension Lumber, Metric SawnSpecial order
  • Dimension Lumber, Narrow (2, 4 & 6-inch)Special order
  • Dimension Lumber, PrimeIn stock
  • Dimension Lumber, Wide ( 8, 10 & 12-inch)In stock
  • Kiln Dried 19% MCSpecial order
  • Precision End Trim (PET)Special order
  • Surfaced 1 Side, 2 Edges (S1S2E)Special order
  • Visual Grades, Dense Structural 65Special order
  • Visual Grades, Dense Structural 72Special order
  • Visual Grades, Dense Structural 86Special order
  • Visual Grades, Industrial 65Special order
  • Visual Grades, Industrial 86Special order
  • Visual Grades, No.1In stock
  • Visual Grades, No.1, DenseSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, No.2, DenseSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, Prime, No.1In stock
  • Visual Grades, Prime, No.2In stock
  • Visual Grades, Select StructuralSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, Select Structural, DenseSpecial order

Lumber, Other Products

  • 5/4x4 Rough KD 12% MCSpecial order
  • 5/4x4 S4S KD 12% MCIn stock
  • Bridge Component StockSpecial order
  • Crane/Dragline Mats or PadsSpecial order
  • Deck Accessary Stock, BalustersSpecial order
  • Deck Accessory Stock, OtherSpecial order
  • Decking Stock, Radius EdgeIn stock
  • Decking Stock, Radius Edge, 5/4x6In stock
  • Decking Stock, Radius Edge, PremiumIn stock
  • Decking Stock, Radius Edge, StandardIn stock
  • Farm Implement StockSpecial order
  • Fencing, Dog-Eared StockIn stock
  • Fencing, Picket StockSpecial order
  • Laminating StockIn stock
  • Lattice PanelsIn stock
  • Lumber, RoughSpecial order
  • Marine GradesIn stock
  • Marine Grades, SeawallIn stock
  • Mine Lumber/TimbersSpecial order
  • Posts, Pilings & Poles, Sawn StockIn stock
  • Railroad Freight-Car MaterialIn stock
  • Railroad Switch Tie StockSpecial order
  • Scaffold PlankSpecial order
  • Surfaced 1 Side, 2 Edges (S1S2E)Special order


  • Custom Job LotsSpecial order


  • Additives, Mold InhibitorIn stock
  • Additives, Water RepellantIn stock
  • Application, Bridges, Industrial, Piling, Poles, TiesIn stock
  • Application, Ground Contact & Fresh WaterIn stock
  • Application, Marine ServiceIn stock
  • Application, Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF, FDN)In stock
  • Application, Residential IndoorSpecial order
  • Application, Residential Outdoor, Above GroundSpecial order
  • Custom Orders AvailableIn stock
  • Dimension Lumber, Fire RetardantIn stock
  • Dimension Lumber, Pressure-TreatedIn stock
  • Dry Stock Available, Air (DAT)Special order
  • Dry Stock Available, Kiln (KDAT)Special order
  • Permanent Wood Foundation, PWF-LumberSpecial order
  • Piling & Poles, RoundIn stock
  • Piling & Posts, Square SawnIn stock
  • Piling, Marine ServiceIn stock
  • Plywood, Fire RetardantIn stock
  • Plywood, Pressure-TreatedIn stock
  • Termite-Resistant Framing, LumberIn stock
  • Termite-Resistant Framing, PlywoodIn stock
  • TimbersIn stock
  • Timbers, Long Lengths (16'+)In stock
  • Timbers, Oversize (8x8 inch +)Special order
  • Treating Service OnlySpecial order

Pressure-Treated, Other

  • Bridge ComponentsSpecial order
  • Deck Accessories, BalustersSpecial order
  • Decking, Radius EdgeIn stock
  • Decking, Radius Edge, 5/4x4In stock
  • Decking, Radius Edge, 5/4x6In stock
  • Decking, Radius Edge, PremiumIn stock
  • Decking, Radius Edge, StandardIn stock
  • Fencing, 1x6 Rough HorseIn stock
  • Fencing, BoardsIn stock
  • Landscape TimbersIn stock
  • Lattice, Privacy (1/2inch 4x8')In stock
  • Lumber, 3/8 Radius Edge 2x6In stock
  • Lumber, 3/8 Radius Edge 6x6In stock
  • Pallet, Crating, Industrial StockIn stock
  • Posts, FencingIn stock
  • Posts, Highway Sign/GuardrailIn stock
  • Posts, PorchIn stock
  • Posts, SawnIn stock
  • Sheet StockIn stock
  • Sheet Stock, Bulkhead & SeawallIn stock
  • Sheet Stock, Bulkhead V, T&GIn stock
  • Sheet Stock, Sloppy V, T&GIn stock
  • Sheet Stock, SquareIn stock
  • Sheet Stock, Square T&GSpecial order
  • SidingIn stock
  • Stair StringersIn stock
  • Tongue & Groove (T&G) ProductsIn stock

Stair & Ladder

  • Stair StringersIn stock


  • Rough DrySpecial order
  • TimbersIn stock
  • Timbers, Long Length (+16)In stock
  • Timbers, Metric SawnIn stock
  • Timbers, No. 1In stock
  • Timbers, No. 1 DenseSpecial order
  • Timbers, No. 2In stock
  • Timbers, No. 2 DenseSpecial order
  • Timbers, Oversize (8x8 inch+)Special order
  • Timbers, Select StructuralSpecial order
  • Timbers, Select Structural DenseSpecial order