Builders looking for the latest information to specify and use Southern Pine lumber products can find it next week at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, January 10-12. The Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) is on hand with a collection of helpful publications and displays of treated Southern Pine decking and other products, part of the Wood, Naturally exhibit, S823.

With funding support from the Softwood Lumber Board, SFPA is coordinating a wood association exhibit under the Wood, Naturally banner. Joining SFPA in the 20×30-foot space (S823) are the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Western Wood Products Association, Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, and the Western Wood Preservers Institute.

SFPA’s Eric Gee has worked closely with SLB and association partners to design an exhibit that features the strength, treatability, beauty and sustainability of softwood lumber products. Each association will have a specie-specific kiosk of graphics and publications, plus a counter for greeting attendees. A back wall mural of product and resource images borders a deck and pergola structure. A table in the seating area doubles as a full-scale model of a wood joist floor system, topped with Plexiglas.

“Once again, Southern Pine is back in front of builders to promote the merits of solid-sawn softwood lumber,” Eric noted. “Our prime location should provide the ideal opportunity to network with builders,” he added.

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SFPA is a nonprofit trade association that has represented manufacturers of Southern Pine lumber since 1915. Today, SFPA is the leading source of information about Southern Pine products for design-build professionals and consumers.