Six Southern Pine sawmills – all members of the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) – are recent recipients of the 2017 Sawmill Safety Award.

SFPA lumber manufacturer members are considered for the award based on information submitted regarding occupational injuries and illnesses. A total of 52 sawmills participated in SFPA’s annual survey of safety records, representing nearly 19 million employee hours. Safety performance is judged by how each mill’s safety record stacks up against facilities with comparable lumber output throughout the year. Division I includes sawmills that produce 50 million board feet or less; Division II covers facilities that produce 51 to 150 million board feet; and Division III includes mills that produce more than 150 million board feet annually. The six sawmills being honored for outstanding safety records during 2017 are:

Division I             Weyerhaeuser Company – Zwolle, Louisiana

Division II           Canfor Southern Pine – Urbana, Arkansas; Graham, North Carolina

Weyerhaeuser Company – Millport, Alabama; Holden, Louisiana

Division III           Weyerhaeuser Company – Bruce, Mississippi

“All six mills receiving the award for 2017 recorded outstanding safety records,” noted SFPA Executive Director Tami Kessler. “We commend these companies that excel at making safety in the workplace a top priority,” she added.

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