When handled properly, treated wood does not present a health risk. And when it comes to the safe use of treated wood, many of the same safety rules for using untreated wood apply.

Follow these simple tips when using pressure-treated Southern Pine:


  • Wear eye protection and a dust mask when sawing or machining treated wood.
  • Avoid prolonged inhalation of sawdust from untreated or treated wood.
  • When the work is completed, wash areas of skin contact thoroughly before eating or drinking.
  • Clothing that accumulates sawdust should be laundered separately from other household clothing and before reuse.
  • Dispose of treated wood by ordinary trash collection or burial. Do not burn treated wood.

The pressure treatment of wood does not prevent the normal passage of moisture in and out of the lumber, so proper storage (before and during construction) is important. Treated lumber should be stacked and stored in the same manner as untreated wood.