Spans for Southern Pine joists and rafters, including those based on the new design values for visually graded dimension lumber effective June 1, are featured on a new pocket span card now available from the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA). This handy card contains 12 abbreviated span tables for selected Southern Pine visual, Machine Stress Rated (MSR) and Machine Evaluated Lumber (MEL) grades. Included under each grading method, this card includes one table each for floor joists and ceiling joists, plus two tables for rafters.

“This card is very popular with builders, dealers and code officials for use in the field,” notes SFPA’s Cathy Kaake, vice president of technical marketing. “Adding MSR and MEL tables to this new edition of the card makes it a convenient reference tool for all Southern Pine users,” she adds.

The four-page laminated card folds to 3.75” by 7.75”.  Anyone can review the full content of the new card by visiting the Publications page of, where a free PDF download is available. Cards can be ordered from this page, too. Cards are $3 each; $2 each for 50 or more. Building code offices can receive five cards free with their request submitted on office letterhead. Send all requests to or FAX to 504/443-6612.  Allow 10 days for delivery.
Complete information about Southern Pine design values is available online at

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SFPA is a nonprofit trade association that has represented manufacturers of Southern Pine lumber since 1915. Today, SFPA is the leading source of information about Southern Pine products for design-build professionals and consumers.