Around the Garden

Southern Pine Garden Wall
Creative landscaping offers more opportunities to showcase durable pressure-treated Southern Pine. The preservative treatment is highly resistant to leaching and will not harm plants.

Southern Pine Landscaping Outdoor Amenities
Vertical timbers offer a flexible perimeter to this raised garden space.

Southern Pine Landscaping
Using pressure-treated 6×8 timbers, built-in planters decorate this
three-tier retaining wall.

Southern Pine Trellis Outdoor Amenities
An overhead trellis provides shade plus support for hanging baskets, colorful vines and other fragrant climbers. Pressure-treated Southern Pine can be painted or stained, just like untreated wood.

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Southern Pine Deck Tree
Most outdoor projects built with pressure-treated Southern Pine lumber are within the capabilities of the average do-it-yourselfer. In fact, outdoor improvements are probably the easiest way for homeowners to add value to their property.

Southern Pine Storage Shed DIY
A storage shed is the ideal place for extra lawn furniture, garden tools, pool supplies, and bicycles. Pressure-treated Southern Pine makes it a handy shelter that’s built to last! Download the project plan to build this shed here.

Southern Pine Planter Bench DIY
It’s so easy to work and finish pressure-treated Southern Pine that you’re likely to design as you build. Both the planter and the bench can take on a hundred design possibilities. Download the project plan to build this planter bench here.

Designed for comfort and long lasting good looks, outdoor furniture built with pressure-treated Southern Pine helps you enjoy the landscape you’ve created.

Southern Pine Gazebo Yard
A gazebo can be a charming addition to most any yard, and it can be surprisingly useful as well. The shade is welcomed relief on a warm summer day and a perfect spot for outdoor dining.

Yellow Pine Gazebo
The design details of a gazebo can vary widely. This same basic design could blend easily with most any architectural style — from a Victorian home to a contemporary ranch style dwelling.

Great Garden Borders

Southern Pine Garden Border 1
A perfect use for decking cutoffs!

Southern Pine Garden Border 2
Think of them as… “garden fences”

Southern Pine Landscaping Border
…or “buildings”

Yellow Pine Landscape Border
…perhaps “houses with chimneys”

Yellow Pine Outdoor Garden Border
…or make a serpentine pattern.

Make a Splash!

Southern Pine Pool Deck
This backyard paradise features a 10’x30′ lap pool, framed with pressure-treated 6×6 timbers that hold the marbled vinyl liner. Water gardens, sun decks, seating, and a spa complete this aquatic retreat.

Southern Pine Kid Pool DIY
This simple kiddy pool play deck provides many summers of backyard fun. The bench is handy storage for playthings. Remove the vinyl liner and convert the pool area to a sandbox. Download the project plan to build this play deck here.