Specify strength, sustainability and global compliance. Southern Pine compares favorably to other species in terms of specific gravity, bending, stiffness and compression – all important factors to consider when selecting lumber for material-handling applications.

High density is the source of Southern Pine’s strong natural character, providing wear resistance and strength. Southern Pine stands up well under rough treatment while remaining easy to work with. It is comparable to hardwood species such as maple, ash, and elm in its ability to hold fastenings.

Find manufacturers of material handling stock, including heat treated (HT) marked lumber with SFPA’s Product Locator.

Southern Pine Pallets are Recyclable and Reusable

More companies today are considering reusable pallets to solve both their everyday material handling needs and help the environment. In fact, significant savings can be realized when the life cycle cost is considered, rather than basing pallet purchasing decisions on the unit price alone. Reuse makes plain common sense. Pallets built with durability in mind will stay in service longer and help achieve “source reduction,” which is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s first and preferred method of solid waste management.

The Pallet Design System


Software offered by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association – the Pallet Design System – is a reliability-based design procedure for wood-stringer and block pallets. Estimates of pallet strength, deformation and durability are generated from user-specified descriptions of the pallet and handling performance levels. In other words, the pallet manufacturer can design a Southern Pine pallet using scientifically valid methods, providing a high degree of confidence that their customers’ material handling needs will be met for strength, design and racking. Find Pallet Design System software here.

Phytosanitary Compliance with HT Southern Pine

Smart users of lumber for material handling applications know that heat-treated (HT marked) Southern Pine is the perfect solution to compliance with phytosanitary requirements in the global marketplace. Core temperatures required to properly kiln dry Southern Pine far exceed minimum requirements. Also review the FAQs on international phytosanitary requirements.