Harrigan Lumber Company

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P.O. Drawer 926
Monroeville, Alabama 36461
United States
Primary Contact
Patrick Harrigan
Domestic Contact
Alan Smith

Company Details

Harrigan Lumber Company's sawmill is located in Monroeville, Alabama. The company focuses its Southern Pine lumber production on dimension lumber and produces primarily 2x4 through 2x12 S4S eased edge and 4x4 and 4x6 S4S square edge lumber. All 2-inch lumber is Kiln Dried to 19% moisture content and timbers are dried to 25% MC. We also produce 1x4 and 1x6 rough green lumber and, at times, a limited amount of 5/4x6 Radius Edge Decking.

Products carried


  • Export DimensionIn stock

Lumber, Framing

  • Dimension Lumber (2x2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12)In stock
  • Dimension Lumber, DenseSpecial order
  • Dimension Lumber, Long Lengths (16 - 20')Special order
  • Dimension Lumber, Narrow (2, 4 & 6-inch)In stock
  • Dimension Lumber, PrimeSpecial order
  • Dimension Lumber, Wide ( 8, 10 & 12-inch)In stock
  • Kiln Dried 15% MCSpecial order
  • Kiln Dried 19% MCIn stock
  • Plastic/Paper Wrap, Entire PkgSpecial order
  • Plastic/Paper Wrap, Top LayerSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, No.1In stock
  • Visual Grades, No.1, DenseSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, No.2In stock
  • Visual Grades, No.2, DenseSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, No.3In stock
  • Visual Grades, Prime, No.1Special order
  • Visual Grades, Prime, No.2Special order
  • Visual Grades, Select StructuralSpecial order
  • Visual Grades, Select Structural, DenseSpecial order

Lumber, Other Products

  • Lumber, HT Marked (Heat Treated)In stock
  • Lumber, No.4In stock
  • Lumber, RoughIn stock
  • Shavings, Bagged or BulkSpecial order

Material Handling

  • Lumber, HT Marked (Heat Treated)In stock


  • TimbersIn stock
  • Timbers, Long Length (+16)Special order
  • Timbers, No. 1Special order
  • Timbers, No. 2In stock
  • Timbers, No. 3In stock