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    Almond Brothers Lumber Co.

    Website URL
    403 Ringgold Avenue
    Coushatta, Louisiana 71019
    United States
    Primary Contact
    Vince Almond

    Company Details

    Almond Brothers Lumber Company is a family-owned and operated southern yellow pine lumber manufacturer (producer) in the United States. We own and operate our sawmill and produce our own products so that you receive consistent quality in our lumber from order to order. We specialize in exporting high quality, clear lumber to Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, Mexico, and many other parts around the world. We sell our products directly to our customers in all areas to save you time and money. Our products are used in furniture, windows, doors, molding, stairs, cabinets, flooring, and more.

    Products carried

    Door & Window

    • Ext. Solid/F-J Door Frame/Case/SilSpecial order
    • F-J Jamb & Moulding Blank Stock Special order


    • Export PrimeIn stock
    • Finish & BoardsIn stock
    • Kiln Dried SapsIn stock
    • Lumber, Metric SawnIn stock
    • Merchantable Sawn TimbersIn stock
    • No.2 Rough TimbersIn stock

    Finish, Moulding, Shop

    • Custom Planer ServiceIn stock
    • Shop GradesSpecial order
    • Solid StockSpecial order

    Flooring, Interior & Porch

    • 1-inch (4/4)In stock
    • 2-inch (8/4)In stock
    • Flat GrainIn stock
    • Flat Grain 1x10In stock
    • Flat Grain 1x12In stock
    • Flat Grain 1x3In stock
    • Flat Grain 1x4In stock
    • Flat Grain 1x6In stock
    • Flat Grain 1x8In stock
    • Heart Pine, NewIn stock
    • Porch Flooring, KDATSpecial order
    • Vertical (Edge) GrainSpecial order
    • Vertical (Edge) Grain 1x3Special order
    • Vertical (Edge) Grain 1x4Special order

    Furniture Products

    • Edge-Gluing StockSpecial order
    • Furniture StockIn stock
    • Furniture Stock, 1x4In stock
    • Furniture Stock, 1x6In stock
    • Rough DryIn stock

    Lumber, Framing

    • Kiln Dried 19% MCIn stock
    • Surfaced 1 Side, 2 Edges (S1S2E)Special order
    • Visual Grades, No.1Special order
    • Visual Grades, No.2Special order

    Lumber, Other Products

    • 1x5 Rough KDSpecial order
    • 1x7 Rough KDSpecial order
    • Bridge Component StockIn stock
    • Deck Accessary Stock, BalustersSpecial order
    • Deck Accessory Stock, RailingsSpecial order
    • Exposed Structural BeamsIn stock
    • Industrial GradesIn stock
    • Laminating StockIn stock
    • Lumber, HT Marked (Heat Treated)Special order
    • Lumber, RoughSpecial order
    • Marine GradesSpecial order
    • Marine Grades, SeawallSpecial order
    • Mine Lumber/TimbersSpecial order
    • Posts, Pilings & Poles, Sawn StockSpecial order
    • Scaffold PlankSpecial order
    • Stadium PlankSpecial order

    Material Handling

    • Cut Stock, DryIn stock
    • Cut Stock, HT Marked (Heat Treated)In stock
    • Lumber, HT Marked (Heat Treated)In stock
    • Lumber, Pallet & CratingSpecial order
    • Materials Handling Stock, OtherSpecial order


    • Casing, Base JambsSpecial order
    • Cut Stock, Solid & F-JSpecial order


    • Application, Bridges, Industrial, Piling, Poles, TiesSpecial order
    • Application, Marine ServiceSpecial order
    • Application, Residential IndoorSpecial order
    • Application, Residential Outdoor, Above GroundSpecial order
    • Dry Stock Available, Air (DAT)Special order
    • Dry Stock Available, Kiln (KDAT)Special order
    • TimbersSpecial order
    • Timbers, Long Lengths (16'+)Special order
    • Timbers, Oversize (8x8 inch +)Special order

    Pressure-Treated, Other

    • Bridge ComponentsSpecial order
    • CeilingSpecial order
    • Cross ArmsSpecial order
    • Deck Accessories, BalustersSpecial order
    • Deck Accessories, OtherSpecial order
    • Deck Accessories, RailingsSpecial order
    • Flooring, Flat GrainSpecial order
    • Flooring, Heavy FactorySpecial order
    • Flooring, Vertical (Edge) GrainSpecial order
    • Furniture Components, OutdoorSpecial order
    • Landscape TimbersSpecial order
    • Pallet, Crating, Industrial StockIn stock
    • SidingSpecial order
    • Stair StringersSpecial order
    • Stair TreadsSpecial order
    • Stair Treads, Edge GluedSpecial order
    • StakesSpecial order


    • Siding, RoughSpecial order

    Stair & Ladder

    • BalustersSpecial order
    • HandrailsSpecial order
    • Ladder StockSpecial order
    • Newell PostsSpecial order
    • Precision End Trim (PET)Special order
    • Stair StringersSpecial order
    • Stair Treads/RisersSpecial order
    • Stair Treads/Risers, Edge-Glued 4/4Special order
    • Stepping, OtherSpecial order


    • Rough DrySpecial order
    • TimbersIn stock
    • Timbers, Long Length (+16)In stock
    • Timbers, Metric SawnIn stock
    • Timbers, No. 2In stock
    • Timbers, Oversize (8x8 inch+)In stock